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- Excerpts from a dinner in honor of the pastor and wife for Willie D.
5:1-4 This is the time of Jerusalem, when everyone, everyone can come to hear the word of the Lord and see the power that is in Him, and until the earth passes, as the prophet Isaiah says, it will no longer have a root; and whoever is in it will abide in it; and whoever hears the Word, Message, or Call will be heard in Jerusalem.
"Have you noticed that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in the field?"
3:35 Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.
3-4 The Evangelist could go on: Seek then the Kingdom of God, and the righteousness which He promised you, Jesus says, and then everything will be added to you, because the Word of God abides in you. But he didn't do it. Perhaps the Lord wanted to remind people that they should seek what Jesus promises them. The gospel of Jesus was fulfilled by people seeking the Kingdom of Heaven; and this, as it were, confirmed and actually confirmed his words that it would forever determine their whole life. True, in the rest of the Gospel, it was, as always, a parable in which Jesus warned people that the Kingdom of Heaven would be difficult to find, but it is quite possible that all this was achieved in full. It also had a deep meaning: to know that life would go on no matter what; feel that no catastrophes and troubles that have come in the world can defeat people; to see that God never turns away from them, and is always ready with them in any difficult moment.
4:17-24 To have eternal life, one must acquire knowledge about you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you sent.
The gospel of Jesus has often been seen as Old Testament, and it primarily describes how our God will bring back what has been lost. The Bible cannot be written in such a way that everything that its verses say can be found in it; but very often the Bible included things that we could learn for ourselves if we studied the Scriptures well. Twice in the New Testament, John writes in 20:29-31 that he who knew the mystery of the resurrection knew well the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven: "The mystery of the resurrection of the dead." This meant th f02ee7bd2b